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IKEA Social Entrepreneurship:Creating greater opportunities with social entrepreneurs

IKEA Social Entrepreneurship is all about making a positive impact. By working with pioneers and pathfinders who use their business as a way to make everyday life better for those who need it most, we strive towards a more equal and inclusive society.

Top 3 Most Successful Australian Entrepreneurs

Australia might not be on people's radar as a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, but several business magnates have made their mark in the Land Down Under. Here we briefly catalog three of Australia’s most noteworthy and successful entrepreneurs include John Ilhan, Rupert Murdoch and Katie Page.


The 10 Greatest Social Entrepreneurs of All Time

While it is admirable to build a successful business of any kind, some entrepreneurs do more than just make a profit with the fruits of their labor. Some actually help others, bringing resources, opportunities, training, and other assets to those who need them most. These social entrepreneurs use their know-how and business savvy to make the world a better place, combining a traditional business model with a pressing social mission in ways that have been helping to make big changes in places around the world for decades.

8 Famous Social Entrepreneurs Doing Good and Making Money

What is a social entrepreneur? When I think of these words, I visualize the people who seek to create solutions to widespread social issues such as poverty, famine, and a lack of education. They pour themselves into their business and into the people that they are trying to serve. They aren’t just entrepreneurs, they are business people seeking to make a difference in the world.

Growing Social

The proposal for the project«Enhancement of social entrepreneurship through the establishment of support structures in the CB area» Project Acronym “Growing Social” was submitted in the framework of the 2nd Call for Proposals under the European Cooperation Programme “Interreg V-A Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020”, Priority Axis 4, Specific Objective 9: To expand social entrepreneurship in the cross border area.

The partnership involves five partners, three from Greece and two from Bulgaria

Municipality of Pilea Hortiatis