eonidas is a Social Marketing professional  certified by the University of Brighton with proven experience and strong academic background in Marketing and Communications. Furthermore,  Leonidas is actively involved in the development and promotion of the field in Greece through events as keynote speaker, organizer, trainer and occasionally guest lecturer in Social Marketing, Marketing and entrepreneurship.

He has experience working as a consultant with public, non-profit and private sector organizations in the field of Marketing, Communications and Strategic Planning. He was a U.K. alumni awards finalist in Greece for 2019 and the founder of the Mindspark initiative, an initiative aiming to promote growth mindset in Greece expressed through events focused on marketing and creativity. Closing Leonidas is a Member of the Board of the International Social Marketing Association and National Rep of the European Social Marketing Association for Greece


2019 Committee Member for the European Social Marketing Conference 2020

2019 Highly Commented – WSMC 2019, Edinburgh Case Poster Submission: Skerletopoulos, L, Makris A, (2019) A Citizen Designed Program to Ban Smoking in Enclosed Public Spaces: The Trikala City Programme, Greece

2019 FINALIST - UK Alumni Awards “Professional Achievement”

2018 Contribution Award - International Social Marketing Association, Antwerp ESMC Conference 2018

2018 US EMBASSY ATHENS – Candidate IVLP program

2017 U. Brighton Distinction in Social Marketing, PG Cert 2016 University of Brighton, Distinction Pg Cert

2006 Kingston University Commendation 


Contact Information

Phone: +30 6980949098




Recent Publications

Skerletopoulos, L, Makris A, (2019) A Citizen Designed Program to Ban Smoking in Enclosed Public Spaces: The Trikala City Programme, Greece, World Social Marketing Conference, Submission #36. Presented on June 5th:

Skerletopoulos L., (2019) “A Citizen oriented program to ban smoking in enclosed public spaces: The Trikala City Programme”- in French, J. “ Strategic Social Marketing, 2nd Edition, Oxford University Press

Skerletopoulos, L., Stefenel., D, Corman, S. (2016), Learning from the Greek Know How on Social Entrepreneurship , 4th International Conference of the Romanian Sociological Society, RSS, Sibiu 29 Sep-1Oct 2016

Skerletopoulos Leonidas (2016), Incentives for Policy Makers on Social Enterprises: The Greek Experience, The International Conference Political Science, International Relations and Security Studies, Lucian Blaga, University of Sibiu,Link:

Skerletopoulos Leonidas (2015), The Challenge of Social Inclusion through Social Entrepreneurship in Greece: The Lagina Social Initiative experience, The 14th Conference Edition of the Centre for Social Studies, Anthropology, Ethnography, Sociology, Lucian Blaga, University of Sibiu. Link:

Skerletopoulos Leonidas (2015), Defining Entrepreneurship, Gnomi Newspaper, Thursday July 23 , 2015, Vol 7692. [online]

Skerletopoulos, L.,(2015), Emotional Intelligence and the Social Entrepreneur [online]

Skerletopoulos Leonidas (2014), Ethical Consumerism: A trend or a competitive advantage for social enterprises, [Online] : -